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Month: February 2016

Aigean Networks joins the Sea Tech line.

Sea Tech is proud to announce the addition of Aigean Networks line of marine Wifi antennas and routers to our offering of products.

Aigean Networks was founded in 2015 with aspirations to disrupt the marine networking industry. Through the development of simplistic, feature-rich firmware running on the highest-quality hardware we are revolutionizing the way vessels connect to the internet.

Why choose Aigean?


We have created the most simplistic networking solutions for any type of vessel. By simplifying the process of creating and maintaining complex network connections, we not only make it easy for anyone to use our products, but, in turn, give our users more time to do the things they enjoy most.


All of our products are tested constantly throughout the development process, targeting specific industry-leading benchmarks. We know that what we build will perform as good, if not better, than comparable devices from other manufacturers. Additionally, every device that is built and shipped must pass our thoroughly rigorous evaluation process before it leaves our laboratory.


Through extensive research and development, we have ensured that all of our products have been fabricated with the highest-quality materials and hardware available to ensure our equipment provides you with many years of extraordinary service. We stand by our commitment to reliability.


Aigean Networks provides the absolute best support imaginable. Our team has more industry experience and knowledge than any of our competitors and is always willing to help. Customer satisfaction is paramount, and we do everything we can to ensure you will be an Aigean customer for life.